26 June, 2007 • Express Train
Express Train - Last Stop - Click for next Image

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Express Train - Last Stop

August 13, 2007
Express Train update.

Back in April, my employer (Inc. magazine), moved offices from midtown to the new World Trade Center 7. I was pretty excited about the move and the possibilities for new scenes on my commute. I was also pretty excited that I was going to get to ride my bike to work some. Well I've been riding the bike almost all the time (can't figure out how to safely takes photos on that commute). When one considers riding your bike over the Brooklyn Bridge everyday or descending into the subway it's not much of a decision. In addition to that when I did ride the train I've not been up to making photos. It's a combination of elements coming together. I won't go into it all the details, for now I'm taking a break from the project.

I had hoped that I'd be able to go through my archives and post images that I always liked but didn't have the opportunity to post when it was shot. Time has killed that idea for now. I hope to make it back into those archives some time soon.

I'd like to apologize for any comments that have not gotten approval and posted. I get so much spam now that it's pretty much impossible to keep up on legit postings. When I get a chance I try and go through the hundreds of bogus comments to find and approve the real ones.

Thank you everyone for your support, time and comments! It's been an incredible experience, one that has taught me much about the power of photography and the potential for using the Internet as a platform. I'll be back in some shape or form soon.

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  1. Lovely shot Travis, just like your other pix on this blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. wow! this one is just amazing...

  3. I love the intimacy of this shot. Wonder what they've been doing all day to be so tuckered out. Nice to see you back Travis.

  4. Très belles photos que j'aurais aimé faire.
    Nous avons un blog:
    Merci de le visiter, faire des commentaires et, peut-être échanger nos liens.

    Merci, @+


  5. Excellent shot. Life is tough for some families.

  6. Bonjour,
    Great tones and composition..Bravo!

  7. Looks like the end of a long day for those folks. ... The skin tones are beautiful.

  8. Yep Skin tones are nice.. looks almost like an oil painting.
    Colors are magnificent: green and red and blue and brown.
    And fresh white.

  9. Beautiful shot. I know they're sleeping, but it has such a devotional look, like they might be deeply into prayer. So calm.

  10. an angel is flying
    charming :)

  11. Perhaps I encroach on some sensitivities with this observation but this holds an eerie resemblance to the photos that so powerfully illuminated the nation to Katrina's wrath.

  12. Wow--this one says it all. Well done!

  13. Love it! Awww, I am sleepy too now.

  14. "Daddy, they've been asleep for a whole week, with the lights on!" "It's not a live view, Dear."

  15. Gives new meaning to "reach out and touch"! This surpasses vibrancy, it resonates! Mwa!!

  16. The lines in this composition are so simple and clean, the colors, too. It's gorgeous.

  17. Nice shot.

  18. :O Love it me too.
    Kisses from my italian train.

  19. Hehe, sleepy people. Great capture. Your photos are a great source of inspiration.

  20. I sincerely hope the kids will grow up to become somebody someday...

  21. Travis, is this your way of telling us that you're putting this website to sleep?

    It's been nice. Pleasant dreams. (And good luck.)

  22. I have seen all your photographs since 2004. Your work is incredible. Bravo! I appreciate your style!

  23. Why no new picture since 6/26/07? I hope that you are o.k.

  24. lovley! ...did you wake em' up to ask if you could post their picture on the web? :)

  25. Are you sleeping as well? Just for the summer we hope.

  26. A really fine work!

  27. travis, its every cool?
    I noticed you haven't posted a pic in quite some time.
    it will be nice to hear you are fine.

  28. you have a pair of good eyes. i like all your pictures.

  29. Wow. Well done. Must have been a hard day for all of them...

  30. You knowing at this image reminds of New York, where I reside. I like the way you captured this shot because it tells so much about everyday life in NY.

    Glad to find a New Yorker like me. Just saw that in your about page. How tough for you to photograph and at the same time work full time...CRAZY NEW YORK! I have some images too of the city that I photographed. I hope you visit often.

  31. Yo, Travis, WTF? Are you coming back or what?

  32. brilliant shot!

  33. Thanks Travis for the great ride.

    You helped me appreciate photography!

  34. Thanks, Travis, for the great photos over these last couple of years. Your show at the Flatiron Gallery was fantastic. I hope to keep up with your work, whether it continues on this site or another venue.
    As a minor technical note on the site vis-a-vis the spam issue, you might consider WordPress for your next site. The anti-spam plugins for that platform are pretty comprehensive...I've gone from several hundred a day to practically zero.


  35. cute, everyone is sleeping. interesting how you got so close to them. subway shot, right?

  36. Ride your bike safely. And if you can, do come back. So many of us miss you and your work. I'll never see the subway the same way again.

  37. I've been riding to work for over 30 years. Completely understand
    the "no choice" here. But, I miss your photos, nonetheless.


  38. Nice one Travis, thanks for all of your time and effort with this project, you took the feeling of the New York Subway all the way to deepest Derbyshire here in England.

    All the best for the future.......

  39. Thanks for the update. I've been missing my subway fix, though. But I am in Turkey now and can't load WordPress websites, so I must argue against Dalton's suggestion to use that if you start up again!

  40. Come back, come back, O glittering and white!

  41. Brings me back to when we were starting our family - long days are hard on kids but shape them into adults.

  42. i think this is an excellent photo to leave up during your hiatus. every time i come back to check for an update and see this photo, i smile.

  43. Bonjour,
    Amazing shot..Wonderful tones and details..Bravo!

  44. If this is just a break or the end of this project it has been great. I don't even remember how I got on this site but the photography and experience has been amazing and inspiring.

    You'll be back when the weather gets cold and those winds start blowing on you on that bridge!

  45. Missing your wonderful updates here.
    Take care Travis ... when riding the bike :-)

  46. Missing your updates here too!
    Comon Travis come back if u can.
    Hmmm too bad... ;-(

  47. Great emotive shot !

  48. Love your work Travis

  49. I love your pictures. I just got back from NYC and also took some pictues in the subway. It's a great place to photograph.

  50. great work.love this kind of pictures.Exellent. Wish all the best.

  51. fantastic shots,perfect project

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