6 May, 2007 • Express Train
5 Train ~ 23rd st. ~ 4:30pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

5 Train ~ 23rd st. ~ 4:30pm

I do a lot less returning of emails and commenting these days but I read everything and I am deeply touched by all the comments over the last week. I would have now doubt drifted off from this project a long time ago without the encouragement of everyone that has visited this site. Thank you!


  1. I think I see Travis in the reflection. I always wonder what people are thinking as they try not to make eye contact to the next sardine. Hers seems wistful.

  2. The guy on the left looks like he is not likeing you much right now lol. Great shot.

  3. each with its mood

  4. Super shot. Great framing, the two closeup guys almost vignette the woman and her(?) boy friend. (Or are they just jammed together?) Ah, the mysteries of the subway.

  5. I would like to point out that this is why its hard to meet girls in this town.

  6. I always wonder what happens in the next few minutes after you shoot these images? No flash, right? Do your subjects know they are captured in time? How do they react? What about the guy who looks intimidatingly at you.....
    Fab work!

  7. This is a real great shot. One of your best. It is so intimate. You just can feel the daydream.

  8. This reminds me of how it was a daily occurrence on the subway to glimpse Dulcinea, or Beatrice or some other ideal of beauty for just a moment, fall hopelessly in love, and have that incomparable face fade into the crowd, out of sight forever.

    Idealized Romance and Mass Transit, a timeless thematic connection, as long as the trains run on time and you don't check your heart at the turnstyle.

  9. Once again, a wonderful honest photo. Thanks, Travis, for your daily present.

  10. Yes, it's possible to see Travis reflected at the door...
    The left guy is intimidating but the two love birds make the central focus of this shot. And yet it's not possible to be sure if their are really together or its just a random encounter. Mistery and romance, what could you ask for more?

    Great picture Travis, as usual.
    I noticed the 'photoblog of the year' award on the tool bar, congratulations. You deserve it.

  11. A truly great capture evokes all sorts of speculation and musings. This photo is off the charts in that regard; it's a defining image.

  12. Definetly surreal...good stuff. I wanna drop my photoblog here as well for others to check out and enjoy...


  13. New Yorkers - coming and going
    hearts always in the same place

  14. Bonsoir,
    Nice composition..Well done angle..Bravo!

  15. Do not hold doors ... Maybe they are holding hands :-)

  16. I really like this picture. I like how in the midst of the crowd, the couple peek out and stand out from everyone else. Great job as usual Travis.

  17. Wonderful pictures all over this site. I love your pictures. They make me feel your town. Greetings from Berlin!

  18. Great as ever, though for me, there's something strange about being able to see Travis in the photo. It's a bit like when you watch a really good film, and then watch a documentary about how they made the film - as though the reality of thinking about people doing the production etc takes away from the finished product. I know that sounds really pretentious, but I just mean, that being able to see Travis makes it harder to get lost in the moment of the photo...

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted