22 April, 2007 • Express Train
Fulton Street ~ 8:40pm - Click for next Image

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Fulton Street ~ 8:40pm


  1. Our out-of-town guests might find it of interest to know that the contraption in the foreground is called a HEET and was designed to replace its forebear, the Iron Maiden, which was the true nightmare of claustrophobes and small children.

  2. Getting through the old Maidens with a child much less a folding stroller was complete and utter hell. At least the HEETs give you more space and the kids feel better about entering them. Toddlers were very often scared of the maiden's. The Maidens gave a feeling of being eaten by a goant venus fly trap.

    They I go again commenting on the actual as opposed to acknowledging Travis's artistic expertise.

    On a side note we just celebrated our 5 years old birthday...subway themed of course compete with line maps, full system maps, pics if the kids in the subway and phots of old vintage subway ads. Yes I have infected my child with a love of the subways (and he does visit this site too with me occasioanlly).

    As always thanks Travis!


  3. are the madiens still used anywhere in the city?

    great photograph!

  4. I thought Iron Maiden's were medieval torture devices?!
    Great shot!

  5. nice shot ! it makes me feel like a "voyeur" :)

  6. Eric - not to worry, I do that all the time. I think we each bring our own perspective to Travis' photos and that's perfectly fine. If you're a photographer you would be examining the lighting and composition, a social worker or psycholoogist would assess the interaction of people (or in the case of the subway the lack of personal interaction). An architect would be looking at the "bones" of the station and me??? I'm interest in all aspects and always fascinated with the white subway tile. Thousands of square miles it seems. Some stations have intricate work which seemed to have been an attempt to bring some beauty to the subterranean world. In this photo you will notice the intricate course of decorative tile at the top. Does anyone see these touches as they walk by?

  7. Bonjour, (french)
    Well done shot..Yes, you give some beauty to the subway..Bravo!

  8. so many people always looking down.

  9. I especially enjoy the hand in the lower left--great composition!

  10. more than a window on the pedestrian, this literally moves one through the societal door; you can feel the breeze off the turnstile

  11. très jolie galerie ici!

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted