18 April, 2007 • Express Train
15th St-Prospect Park ~ 8:25am - Click for next Image

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15th St-Prospect Park ~ 8:25am


  1. Very powerful image!

  2. Fantastic. I live in the UK and have been viewing your site quite alot recently Travis. I've never been to NY although I hope to do so in the future. This shot for me is the Subway as most people who have never rode it see it. Dark and Daunting!! I don't mean that in a bad way but this photograph really catches that feel. The figure in the distance is quite disturbing. A very eerie and yet brilliant photograph. I'm glad you were taking it and not me!!

  3. Bonjour,
    Well done shot..Good lighting and tones..Good angle! Bravo!

  4. These large subterranean spaces always look dangerous to me when they're empty. The puddles of water and the filthy looking floor only add to the mood. But this photo begs a question - does the electricity ever go out in the subway? What a terrifying event that would be. I imagine they have back up generators, at least I hope they do.

  5. Tena koe ehoa
    The desertion and unclean sight gives this image the visual impetus it requires to start the mind being cautious of subways and alleys. The lenght of the perspective only serves to cause an anxiety about reaching the other end, regardless of what's even there!

  6. Interesting, the different perspectives we all have. I'm from NY, and I think this subway looks pretty near immaculate, not to mention very well lit. I mean, look at all those flourescents! The tunnel is lit up all the way down to the end. The walls are sparkling. The turnstile is gleaming. All that reflected light contributes a lot to the photo. The floor is wet (probably from the heavy rains we've had, but it also looks like the floors could have been hosed down), but there's barely a scrap of paper to be seen anywhere. It's a concrete floor and millions of people walk on it each day. The black squares on the walls are for ads, I see the old ones have all been torn down so they're getting ready to put up new ones. (That will add some color to the scene.) So I can't help chuckling at all the comments about "dark and dirty." I think it's bright and clean! (And a great shot.)

  7. I like the sense of space that this photo shows. The person on the background helps to define the scale and lends to the photo a feeling of loneliness and abandon.
    Great work, as usual.

  8. I remember when I first got to the city, so long ago. Vistas such as this put me on edge - I was ready to jump out of my skin.

    Within a very few weeks, my reaction was much like the commenter at 11:56am (two above.)

    Toujours bravo Travis.

  9. I have to echo the interesting perspectives remark. Whenever I visit New York, I ride the subways extensively at all hours--they're an efficient, cheap and [to me, anyway] safe way to get around the city. Travis, I visit your site almost daily, and your wonderfully evocative pictures always make me feel at home and filled with anticipation and pangs of longing for New York.

  10. Wow! Travis, this is great!

    I was just thinking the other day... is there a station in the system with as many or nearly as many Ad Recepticles as there are at the 190th Street A-Train Subway Station?! The 190th Street A-Train Subway Station has one hundred eight four 32" W x46" H Ad Recepticles, split 50/50 on each platform give or take some extras throughout the station.

    See: http://www.nycartstar.com/venue_4.html

    Each one of these shown here in your 15st-Prospect Park foto look to me to be like they are triples (96" W x 46" H) or doubles (64" W x 46" H)!

    I will be taking a field trip from WaHi to Prospect Park very soon to get a first hand look at this venue!



    Tom McAlister

  11. Interesting shot.

  12. Good lighting - although it is a coloured pictures, it looks like more like a black and white pictures. I like the black square on white walls.

    I've been in NYC for two years - back in paris- and i love to see your shots travis. Bonne route in the subway !

  13. i want to run and jump into some of those puddles. :)

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