19 March, 2007 • Express Train
M Train ~ Pacific Street ~ 9:10am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

M Train ~ Pacific Street ~ 9:10am


  1. Framing this with the two silhouettes works perfectly! Excellent shot!

  2. Fantastic shot! The window on the train almost becomes a TV screen the way the shot is composed, with these two watching. Beautiful.

  3. Ominous. It's imbued in a "we have come to get you..." threatening atmosphere. Best one in months, Travis. Disregard all the continuous praise for sloppier stuff.

  4. Ok, so now you are just outside the train. Just a little further and you'll be completely off the train and out of site. You can do it!...Just kidding. Great shot. I like the framing of the two silhouetted figures. Awesome.

  5. hmmm....

  6. Great shot, Travis - love the silhouetted figures mixed with the person on the train and the angle they are facing... leaves for a good photo.

  7. I love the touch of humour: it looks like those two are watching tv or looking at a painting.

  8. very nice pic,
    i like how the dark figures mix with the train and the person inside it.
    im going to nyc tomorrow, maybe ill end up as one of the subjects in your pictures


  9. For me Travis , one of your best ....

  10. just a tad Sopranoesque: Bay Parkway, Bay Ridge ... hey, wuddeva it takes. Just hope the person inside isn't taken with them! (The "deer caught in the headlights" is palpable.) Badda Bing-o capture.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted