27 March, 2007 • Express Train
Grand Central tunnel ~ Channing building - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Grand Central tunnel ~ Channing building

This is my last week at my office at Grand Central. My company, Mansueto Ventures is moving to the new WTC #7. Life's an adventure.


  1. I was not allowed to take a picture there.
    Thanks for sharing this one ;-)

  2. Of course you are sad to be leaving perhaps the grandest building in the US, and one of the grandest in the world. (I can only speculate on the latter from picures.)

    Travis, here is a sub-project - Travis Sees Grand Central Station.

    I know many have done this before you, but given the credibility this "subway series" has given you, I know I would buy that book, and I would not be alone.

    Thanks for this view of one of my favorite spots on the planet.

  3. WOW was my first thought! Beautiful, beautiful color! I come in and out of GC every day from CT and I'm sure there is so much I have never seen. In fact, I can't place exactly where this shot was taken. I loved DKJ's comments above and agree with them totally. I'll buy the book too! Don't be sad...WTC#7 is going to be wonderful too! Best wishes.

  4. Wow! This looks like a photo from the turn of the (19th to 20th) Century, due, in part to the sepia tone. Great light too. Beautiful.

  5. I love the theme in the Channing building, nice!

  6. Hmmm doesn't seem like sepia to me at all...
    Where are all the people ?
    Travis ...Not one of your best from my perspective...but what does a novice like me know?

  7. The people designed this, and the people scoot past it without looking day after day, and then, on some days, the people look around with wonder in their hearts.

  8. yeah Channing security is crazy about people not taking photos there - hehe

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted