12 March, 2007 • Express Train
Fulton Street ~ 8:55am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Fulton Street ~ 8:55am


  1. That is one scary picture.

  2. My immediate thought was oh I love it! Scary indeed and will engender many interpretations. Excellent as always Travis.

  3. I had days on the subways that made me think of Dante. This has the sinister quality of a circle of Hell.

    On a purely pictoral note, the reflection of the overhead lights on your lens creates a vision not accessible to a human eye looking at the same vista. A wonderful visual echo, as perfectly executed as if it were done by a master painter.

  4. i just think that this is one great picture. I think it's the way the lights and the reflection of the lights in your lens leeds the eye in the picture. Great work.

  5. Strong feeling of stress!

  6. Your photos are very beautiful, I like them very much!! :)

  7. ma c'è muscau nella foto??
    bellissima, comunque

  8. barbie, hai mai mangiato il prosciutto di esterzili?

  9. I lived in NY for nine months... six underground... I feel at home there

  10. this is from rome, italy. you're great! me and my friend roberta would like to say: thanks!

  11. Beautiful photos and and metropolitan locations interesting.

  12. I'm looking for a little help that requires Italian. I need to find a contact email for this newspaper, http://www.repubblica.it/index.html. If you can find one on the site please email it to me. Thanks, Travis

  13. Dear Travis I love NYC and I like your picture!!!! Simply from real world.

  14. Hi Travis, this is Nicoletta from Rome. About your request of some email contacts for Repubblica.it:
    write to the editor of Repubblica.it: vzucconi@aol.com
    (Vittorio Zucconi lives in Washington);
    write to the editorial office: repubblicawww@repubblica.it

  15. Travis, you have done this before and pulled it off, and you continue to do it. One can safely associate one thing about your photography techniques with successfully taking a picture with all of the people in the photo facing a certain direction. The other time I can remember it well (or the first time this particular technique of yours would come to mind) would be where you were on the train, and there were two photos: All of the people were facing towards the camera in the first photo, and they were all facing away in the second photo. Interesting composition you have taken here.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted