11 March, 2007 • Express Train
F Train ~ 7th Ave ~ 6:55pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

F Train ~ 7th Ave ~ 6:55pm


  1. this one got to be one of my favorites!
    love the vertical lines and again love the dof.
    thanks for this one Travis!

  2. He's making a point. But the subtle thing is if you look to the left there's woman also making a point.

  3. The hand gestures are highly meaningful and suggest significantly different things. How good are the rest of you at decoding body language and gestures? ... It's a very pole-emic picture.

  4. I've never commented on your pictures before although I've looked at them for more than a year. This one however elicited a laugh from me. It's everyday life. I can just imagine what they are talking about and how everyone else is just acting like they aren't there. How amazing... What a life you have, Travis, to see so many people everyday and wonder about them. I live in the country so I don't see this sort of thing very often.. maybe that's why I enjoy peeking in on NYC so much.

  5. Blue blue blue

  6. A beautifully captured moment! Great composition with the bars and great quality! I stumbled across your photoblog and I've got to say it really stands out. If you would like to contribute with some pictures to my site for artistic quality photography I would be more than happy! If you do we will post your blog's address so that even more people will have the pleasure of finding it! I hope you could find some inpsiration there too. Cheers // Ralf

  7. I think the guy is saying "never wear black without the blue". (tv commercial slogan of late)

  8. I like the hand-gesturing guy. One thing that did catch my eye off guard is the woman on the left center side of the photo, right in front of that man with the white hair facing the opposite direction from the camera, and she is looking in your direction with the pole dividing her head. She doesn't seem proportionally correct in that particular position in this photo to me, and it makes you think that she should be somewhere else. It just doesn't seem natural for her to be in that exact spot, in other words. Love the photo, though.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted