17 March, 2007 • Express Train
F Train ~ 4th Ave. ~ 6:50pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

F Train ~ 4th Ave. ~ 6:50pm


  1. Lovely capture. Why is it that these guys have no staying power?

  2. Do you ever get off the train?!! Just teasing. Nice shot as always.

  3. Dude is going to wake up in 10 years and that girl is going to be gone gone.

  4. He looks like Peter Parker to me. It's exhausting to be a superhero. Great shot.

  5. I think they are brother and sister. If not, as noted above, she will indeed be gone! Great shot.

  6. Impeccable exposure and framing. Great one!

  7. Haha the Peter Parker comment made me smile :) It can take only so long before the girl looses her ineterest in her phone and then walks off :)

  8. Heh, she's already texting her next boyfriend, and will dump him as soon as she gets off the train and leaves him there sleeping, wondering.

    Anyway, interesting shot, nonetheless.

  9. Very nice shot! It has a story in it.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted