25 August, 2006 • Express Train
Broadway-Nassau ~ 6:35pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Broadway-Nassau ~ 6:35pm



  1. Very very cool.

  2. clap. clap. clap.

  3. the subway company of 'rent'

  4. I like the composition and colors. Thats like two different worlds one is colored and the other one is rusty b/w :|

  5. just...amazing. *_*

  6. A wonderful and striking image, this looks so like a stage set, outstanding shot...

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  7. Love it...

    gritty, real,,, photography of the real world.. TOP

  8. A million different worlds and lives all clash into one here.

    Nice shot.

  9. Lovely colours and composition. Nice one.

  10. the fulton street station is so photogenic!

  11. Fantastic colors.

  12. cool - in germany you say "ubahnstation"

  13. It's almost like this people are posing for you. Great contrast of color and people.


  14. The composition on this is great. I love the inclusion of the subway section below. It makes it look like they are on stage.

  15. Beautiful point of view... It's like part of a movie!

  16. Sweet composition. I like how this has a behind the scenes feel and seems more like a movie set of a subway station than an actual subway station.

  17. All the worlds a stage........ and here's a vignette.

    wonderful as usual Travis.

  18. Brilliant, this one is really brilliant. A theater stage in the tube.

  19. Looks like they're at the edge of the world. You all can go home now.

  20. being in new york at this moment, i am really enjoying your work, because it captures the mood and the energy of this city..

  21. Best of 2006 - this one will be hard to beat! You got my vote. : )

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted