17 March, 2006 • Express Train
F Train ~ 23rd St ~ 9:35am - Click for next Image

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F Train ~ 23rd St ~ 9:35am


  1. I am looking at this picture and cannot quite seem to identify the boys expression. He seems to be looking at something with interest, but at the same time he seems a little pensive to the point of maybe even uncomfortable. Great moody capture!

  2. He's reading the sign opposite and above him

  3. The coat is so big - like life the boy must grow into the man. His hands are crossed as if he was in church and the little voice his head says, "You must behave". What a wonderful image.

    There is a sad or melacholy undertone to his expression though.

  4. makes me think of yoda! small frame, wise head.

  5. this is a really cool picture showing the transformation some people have to make at an early age to become an adult
    - jack

  6. True. I echo the comments above. In addition, it's funny no one mentioned the person next to the litte boy, who I'm assuming is a lady, who is entirely consumed (and covered) in the newspaper, which has the big, everlasting SALE advert on the back. Nice capture.

  7. very interesting!

  8. It seems to me that he just isn't buying into whatever he's reading.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted