27 December, 2005 • Express Train
Atlantic Avenue ~ 6:15pm - Click for next Image

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Atlantic Avenue ~ 6:15pm

I'm taking this week off from work so I'll be posting some images that didn't make it up the day they were shot.

Thanks for all the well wishes and comments on the Times article. I feel like the article is yet another affirmation of the power of this new use for photography. Though my project is reminiscent of the work of numerous other subway projects (and not nearly as good), the photoblog format changes the equation. A story can be updated daily and told over long periods of time without waiting for a book of the greatest hits. It's truly refreshing, and personal.

For those just visiting a photoblog for the first time you must go to www.photoblogs.org to see the bigger picture. There are over 13,000 blogs listed there. Many gems are buried on the site.


  1. This is great--reminds me of one of Goerge Tooker's paintings.

  2. She looks totally afraid.

  3. Apart from the brilliant, somewhat terrified face, I love the shoe you can see in her bag.

  4. its amazing.
    the symbolisim i see with the two sets of stairs and the lady looking up, in the middle of the two.
    ah, love it.

  5. Great biblically epic photo!

  6. I'm not in Kansas anymore......

  7. First of all this image is really well captured. Don't know why it didn't make it the day it was shot. Her expression is great and the light on her face works very well.
    Regarding the New York Times article... This is a very well written and good to read article. Congratulations for that!!

    All the best from Vienna,

  8. This is such a wonderful capture on so many levels. It has a timeless quality about it. Can you imagine a matron standing at the intersecting points of stairways in ancient Rome?

    Re: The New York Times Article and your comments. I agree wholeheartedly with your assumptions about the photoblog format. Not only does it have an immediacy, it levels the playing field allowing people who would never in a thousand years have a chance to get anything published - publish material each and every day. The viewers sift through and determine the talent.

    I had to laugh when it was mentioned that you had a small number of visitors per day, only 1,500 or so. That's pretty funny to those bloggers who struggle to capture 50! Also, I'm not quite sure what your "tossled brown hair" had to do with anything.

    So.....excellent as always Travis!

  9. This is an amazing photograph. I wonder what she thought of you taking her picture?

    My world doesn't include a subway, so this is an interesting journey for me to come across. Truly insightful.

  10. Wow.

  11. Awesome photo. Congrats on the Times article. Good to hear that photoblogging is useful for something.

  12. Whatever was infront of her certainly put her off slightly, whether it was complicated signs, a long flight of stairs(?) or the long journey ahead of her. You got her at a good position; right in the centre, with the two flights of stairs to either side of her.

  13. Enter stage left, via the stairs, the crazed axe murderer... Could be a cover of a Stephen King novel.

  14. Ha! Choices...choices. Which way will she turn? This is a brilliant composition.

  15. Wonderful, this is definitely one of my recent favourites of yours.

  16. Travinks, This one rocks. The drama in her stricken face, the darkness of her own character against the gleaming white tiles and marble; fur coat with legal briefs, and she's just completely lost at the bottom of two stairways.
    But if that weren't enough, it's this riveting mystery of not only the golden shoes on her feet, but MORE golden shoes in a bag... golden shoes in the subway? Oh, I'm completely drawn in.
    Some clever rock band oughta buy this one for cd cover art.

  17. Great image and congratulation on the New York Times article

    Hope you had a great Xmas and in London now we have the prospect of a subway strike on New Year's Eve so we know how you feel.


  18. she looks really scared. what a great shot!

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