4 November, 2005 • Express Train
Fulton Street ~ waiting for the Express Train ~ 9am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Fulton Street ~ waiting for the Express Train ~ 9am


  1. Awesome framing.

  2. nice shot, strangely sullen.

  3. I agree with ed. The composition is very original.

  4. wow

  5. OMG I LOVE!

  6. Its almost like it was setup. He's standing directly in the rectangle shape in the tiles, and his coat is a similar colour to the tiles. And the ipod...

  7. Impressive. I love the symmetry.

  8. just a question, not an attack: how can one say "awesome framing" when the photographer has done nothing but take the picture; should we instead say "lucky shot" as unless the photographer set up the shot, it was all just luck and timing????!!!! the photographer is just taking advantage of the situation/surroundings. this is not a diss, more-so a query.

  9. Johnny- another way to look at a photograph is think of it as the final answer to a series of questions. Each photographer (or situation) brings his/her own questions. For example: what's important about this scene? why am I making this photograph, what do I need to do to record the moment that will bring across my intent? Is it the camera angle? type of film? Lens? Flash? etc. You can always tell when the scene might have been good but you might have made the wrong choice for one of these questions and then something will never feel quite right with the image. For instance in this image I wanted to capture his solidarity, the details of the wall and contrast to his outfit. If I take one step back you see some other folks in the frame and that would have been bad. The white panels were very important and make one wonder about such white tiles in the subway, among other things.

    Oh and you also have to consdier some of these decisions have to happen in a split second. I made two frames of this guy and the train pulled into the station and he was gone. So maybe I was just lucky after all. Thanks for asking. Best, Travis

  10. like a portrait in a frame.......

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted