27 September, 2005 • Express Train
Nassau Street Station~ 9am - Click for next Image

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Nassau Street Station~ 9am

Going against the flow.

StandClearofthePlatform.com is a blog I was recently made aware of. Check it out for some fine subway tales.


  1. That is one of the best photos I've seen, everything about it is great. Excellent shot.

  2. Beautiful shot, very symbolic !

  3. Yeah, I agree with Ed, excellent, excellent shot. An amazing capture!

  4. i like the detail of the backpack on his belly instead of his back.
    Now its seems he is going against the flow but his backpack isnt.

    nice shot.

  5. Wonderful. Actually it looks llike it could be the basis for some type of advertising campaign.

  6. Travis - A really fine job of spotlighting a single individual in this mass of people. He looks alone among hundreds of people and I've often felt like that in a large crowd.

  7. This is too perfect. You paid him to stand there facing the opposite direction didn't you? I'm kidding of course...
    I really like how the main guy is surrounded by people wearing red, green, and yellow shirts. I'm also always amazed about how good the lighting is in your photos. Very Nice!

  8. Don't we all feel that way every now and then.

    Great photo.

  9. I hate to just repeat what everyone else has said... but awesome!!! As usual, inspiring.

  10. Yeah...dude...just unbelievable! I'm SO impressed, and I spend my days with tons of photographers. Nothing measures up to this (*jealous*).

  11. That's something man, wonderful capture.

  12. I dropped by for my Sunday Morning read. This picture really stands out! I can't believe it was a photo of opportunity! (Actually, being familiar with your work, I do believe it!) I swear this picture is supposed to mean something. It is so full of symbolism! I love the fact that photography is becoming so popular. Without people like you out there, moments like this would be lost in a split second.


  13. Can't we do something to help this guy? He looks absolutely devastated. Perhaps he's upset at discovering it's not his T-shirt he's put on back to front this time?

  14. You have a really good way of presenting the lonliness and solitude of people in a metropolis and i think this picture sums it up nicely. It speaks of everything that is wrong with society when populations out-grow areas/space. Really, it speaks universally, I think, about the problems of overpopulation and how it creates cultures of isolation which is something of a phenomenon in our species. We have outgrown the comfort of closeness with other people and embraced unnatural solidarity. It's really quite sad.

  15. I have been browsing and looking through your photos for a few hours now... and I have to ask you... How do you manage do take photos in masses of moving people?
    Crisp shots like this one. An awesome expression. Amazing colours. And a mindblowing compositon as in most of your photos.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted