15 September, 2005 • Express Train
6 Train ~ 23rd st. ~ 6:25pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

6 Train ~ 23rd st. ~ 6:25pm


  1. I can't remember which photographer said it but it goes something like this..."that you have to get between the subject's shirt and skin" and I'd say your getting there!

    Bravo Ruse

  2. i guess the stink of the subways really got to her,lol

  3. There's something rather unnerving / disturbing about this image. I think it's because it looks like she's almost suffering, sitting there on the train. Her large earrings also make this even more strikingm as does her hand... Amazing!

  4. my first thought was that she was perhaps sick, and being curteous as to not spread those germs to everyone on the train around her.

    very nice shot. it's amazing the way your shots express so much.

  5. You so seldom see someone on the train wearing a mask. Every now and then someone from the Chinatown area will be sporting one. I believe this woman was sick. She seemed to be trying to pretend like she was not there. The problem is that the mask she is wearking is probably no good for germs. It's was certainly a weird situation and I was unsure if I wanted to post it. In the end I fell back on my site mission, "this is what I saw today on my way to work".

  6. This is fantastic! Excellent...

  7. travis, dude...WTF????? i gotta give you props man, that is one crazy closeup.

  8. oh man this is a pretty good closeup

  9. Because of the nature of the subject and the fact that it's SO close it has an uneasy voyeuristic feel to it. With her eyes closed and clutching her throat it's obvious she is suffering. My guess is that she is asthmatic (or emphysemic) and the mask is a line of defense against fumes/pollutants that can trigger an attack.

    You say she "seemed to be trying to pretend she was not there". Dealing with a chronic illness myself I can tell you the feeling is more like, "I wish I didn't have to deal with this burden day in and day out. Couldn't I just pretend I'm normal like everyone else?"

    I do not fault you for posting the picture, but ask everyone to think deeper than the obvious (bad cold). And just the fact that you gave pause before posting the photo tells me that you are sensitive to the womans plight, whatever it might be.

  10. Very captivating picture indeed. Its almost unsettling, but I think thats part of what makes it so interesting.

    My guess, is Tuberculosis. Usually, TB patients are asked to wear masks for two weeks after leaving the hospital to prevent further infections. Though you hear very little about TB, it is still rather common in today's inner city.

  11. Now there's an interesting image. I don't think I would stay on the train for very long if I saw that.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted