28 August, 2005 • Express Train
F train ~ 15th st Prospect Park ~ 9:50am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

F train ~ 15th st Prospect Park ~ 9:50am


  1. the ubiquitous ear buds.

    nice perspective!


  2. This is just one of those moments, seemingly mundane, but so much more so. You captured a moment in time. It's sublime.

  3. Love the "ubiquitous" (nice way to put it, travis) and infamous iPod ear buds, as well as that "mundane" (i like that word, dave) attitude associated with the iPod. It seems as though everyone who has the iPod has this look on them; the same look that girl has on her face.

  4. nice pose. great shot. love it.

  5. She looks totally oblivious to the world. From her blank expression I can't tell if she is enjoying what she is listening to or not.

  6. It's a couple of months I keep on surfing your photoblog. I simply love the way you take those shots. Keep on doing that.

    A hug from Italy..
    Marco Fama'

  7. like the way the girl is in her own world ... listening to her music. and then... its only her looking this side.. the other two are trodding away.. as if they've noticed u :P

  8. The only hint of colour is that green bag, but then I guess thats what subways are all about.

  9. Great framing and composition! A really beautiful shot! I think one of the best I've seen on here! For me, this is all about the waiting and what you do with that time, internally (the young woman listening to her music, deep in thought), as well as externally (the people more active and looking around in the back).

  10. I use similar looking earbuds and they are not Ipod :)
    I like this photo a lot, I wonder what she was listening to...

  11. Nice composition. She doesn't look too concerned about when the train is coming. I like the way you framed your shot with the pillars in the background.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted