4 August, 2005 • Express Train
Broadway/Lafayette station ~ waiting ~  6:45pm - Click for next Image

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Broadway/Lafayette station ~ waiting ~ 6:45pm

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what this woman was up too. It appears as though she's waiting for the train, except that she keep letting them go by. I saw at least three go by. Which also means my train was not very prompt.


  1. I was in her shoes (well, not literally - they don't look very comfortable) a few times - appearing to wait for a train but letting them pass. In my case I was waiting for Sage and Paul (my partner and my son, respectively) to arrive and we would head out from there to do something downtown.

  2. This is a very provocative shot. I love how you capture the humanity of the subway system.

  3. Regardless of what she was doing she certainly found the spot with the best lighting.

  4. I love all the dark negative space in this image. It enhances the mood of the setting. Brings out the inherent loneliness.

  5. this really does remind me of a recent fashion shoot i was on, its the same mood and surroundings

    brilliant shot (did she see you doing it?)

  6. She was very cooperative by standing just so in the right light. Provocative for sure, but being a non-street-smart person myself, this just looks scary. Trapped underground in a fairly dark place, alone in the unknown. It would required too many of my brain cells to be determining risk, planning action in case of a "fight or flight" situation. See, what I said? I'm a provincial.

    Great shot Travis!

  7. Awesome shot. And she's at exactly the right distance to appear attractive and sexy, even if on closer inspection she might not be.

  8. i love the water bottle. j/k, trav. the whole shot's cool. i think if you look at this image via this comment window, looks like the light seems to focus in on her a little more.

  9. Absolutely amazing picture, I took my self the liberty to put a link in my blog.

  10. 50 yards is a girl's best friend

  11. Travis, it is now twice this week that you have truly wowed me with a remarkable example of street (well, subway) photography. Outstanding.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted