21 July, 2005 • Express Train
Fulton Street station ~ Incoming A Train ~ 6:20pm - Click for next Image

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Fulton Street station ~ Incoming A Train ~ 6:20pm

95 degree blast of wind running ahead of incoming train. There is nothing refreshing about this. More stress in the subways today. Press conferences about how scared we should be. Can we be any more nervous than we already are? Now we have to worry about how people smell. My favorite is that we are to report any one that looks unusual. That's a good one.


  1. the way u've got the blond's hair... in the light, and in action.. sure is gr8.. and then the bloke on the right stares at the camera... gr8 feel!

  2. Beautiful pic, the sun, the light personified !

  3. great pic - I love blonde grll :))

  4. Travis, this one is particularly great. You caught her in a moment amongst the chaos. Well done.

  5. Big hair!! In New York.....looks like she should be in Vegas or Dallas. She's nicely framed by the people in shadow.

    Your assessment of the media is correct. Don't you feel like screaming, "Don't tell me how to feel".

  6. Nice suggestion of the train, even though it's not yet visible, and light i sperfect. My question on these dreadful summer days is how do people wear long sleeves in this weather? I steeped over a subway vent a couple days ago and could feel the heat oozing out of it. Yuck!

  7. Well here we go with the knee jerk security response. First the elected idiots in DC (actually just the House so far) finally get enough freaked out members to pass the Patriot Act. I'm sure just on the strength of recent events in London. Instead of actually funding big cities that are major target areas we just get laws restricting our rights. Oh but right those big cities are full of liberal voting lefties. Nothing wrong with losing a few of those.

    The following is a quote from a much wiser man, in a wiser time, Ben Franklin "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

    In addition to the foolishness in DC we learn that the MTA has barely spent the money they do have budgeted for security. So what do we get when concern goes up? Bag checks. I wonder how long that will last. Ever heard the phrase New York Minute? No one I work with even saw bag checking going this am. For the record I have no problem with it. Let's just figure out how to do these things right. Not some willy, nilly press event. How about a real plan for the subways?!

    Back to DC. Let's not forget that this is all perfect timing for Mr. Bush. He gets his Patriot Act, Rove gets off the front page and he can push through Roberts without anyone really thinking about it. It's a wonderful time in America.

    Sorry for the rant, it was hot on the subway and I’m feeling grumpy.

  8. If you're interested, a series of my images are currently being posted at http://www.bluejake.com/ The theme was blue.

  9. Easy... the legislation on the Patriot Act, which passed the House yesterday, set forth rules for challenging subpoenas and surveillance orders. It didn't expand any investigatorial powers for any federal agency.

    Here's the text:

    (I'm not all that interested in the politics of it; I just review it since I'm a defense attorney.)

    With respect to Roberts, he's pretty well respected within the legal community (Pr. Tribe, the ABA, and many others that the media, rightly or wrongly, call liberal all respect him; in my reading of the DC Circuit cases he's authored, he seems sharp). Heck, even Sen. Leahy (D-VT) liked him back when he went up for the DC Circuit.

    All right, enough hot air. Good photo. Great sense of a hole being opened up so that you can capture the blonde.

  10. Very nice capture Travis! Golden hair plus the lighting is absolutely perfect.

  11. Your work is GOOD stuff

    On another note:
    I Do Not Consent to Being Searched by NYPD in order to ride the subways.
    Those who would give up their freedom for security deserve neither

  12. looks like a rangefinder shot. lovely soft focus all over the place. one thing about nyc i do not miss is the steam coming out of the streets everywhere, wait, we have that all over philly as well. never mind.

  13. looks like it came straight out of a movie.

  14. love the light on her hair -- to me - it's refreshing -- I really love this shot...

  15. That's awesome. I love the way your eyes are drawn automatically to her flowing blonde hair.

  16. Golden hair done to to perfection. love the "spotlight" look.

  17. This is the first of the pics I was introduced to----what a great way to start this lens-journey.
    Amazing pics and have seen so many souls of tired people along the way, it almost hurts.
    Thank you so much for letting us see New Yorkers in their natural habitat; the subway.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted