18 June, 2005 • Express Train
Pacific Street ~ 6pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Pacific Street ~ 6pm


  1. a moment of quiet intimate bliss in the midst of raucous life

  2. amazing shot! love the way the 2 are hugging rite in the middle of the frame!

  3. Something about this, I like it a lot.

  4. something pacific in the air.

  5. Again, I love your group shots.

    I think mainly because I can truly focus on each individual and try to picture what's going on.

    When you're on the platform waiting, you really can't stare too long at someone before they begin staring at you back or running away from you.

  6. This is busy in the best of ways. You've captiured human energy. Great!

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted