22 June, 2005 • Express Train
Jay Street/Borough Hall ~ 6:35pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Jay Street/Borough Hall ~ 6:35pm

I wish I could have heard the stories behind each of these person’s days. I'm sure there's a novel in there. I'm continually reminded why I keep my camera out at all times. I put it around my neck on the approach to the station and make myself keep it on till I'm a few blocks away. I'm not sure how I'll go back to not carrying a camera on the train. There are far too many scenes that I would be very sad if I didn't try and photograph.


  1. i like the colors that are presented in the image. yellow, green, white, blue, black and what not!
    and agree with u.. every person has his/her story... a story worthy of being atleast a chapter in a novel, if not a novel itself!

  2. As always: you have picked an situation which I feel is just there, just so true, that is how it looks. This is a true picture of a lot of benches around the world at trainstations and tubestations.
    I love the way you portrait these people.

  3. You have a masterful sense of composition and color. I am impressed that you can get such great results on the fly.

  4. Vivid colors and really portrays the feel of family with these folks. Really captures the sense of protectiveness in her eyes. Not from you, Travis. haha.

  5. Love your work and linked to it from: onemansafari.blogspot.com.

  6. Wonderful! These photos really remind me of the famous documentary photos in the Farm Security Administration from the late 1930s. There is so much social commentary here.

    In todays, it is really nice how the lady is looking at the camera - and the way the kids are clustered around her, looking hot and tired - just brilliant.

    And wonderful composition too - if most of us tried to take photos in the subway, I'm sure they'd look amateurish compared to these gems!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback. I think what was hardest about this image was seeing it in the first place. It was not an obvious scene. I remember standing there looking at them and then suddenly going "oh wow wait a second that's a nice moment."

  8. Yes, I like it - again, but I like better when we are flies on the wall, and no one is looking into the camera - no connection between photographer and subject. Best I find the tiered childrens heads


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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted