21 June, 2005 • Express Train
Broadway/Nassau street ~ 6:45pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Broadway/Nassau street ~ 6:45pm

The trains have just loaded up and headed for the next station. It's funny to stay behind and wait for the next one. It's funny what you'll see, kinda like looking behind the theater curtain. As soon as everyone got on this guy quickly started sorting through his change.

Some days I'll be getting off at my staion and think to myself that I didn't make any interesting images and then something will happen just as I'm about to step through the doors. It's funny that way. You just can't stop lookinig. Or at least keeping the camera around your neck.


  1. nice shot! the darkness surrounding the shop and the shop well lighted up. its amazing!

  2. Very, very nice. It's amazing that you caught both trains ready to leave the station.

  3. Wonderful image. I love newsstands. I work for a newspaper and love to see more than 2 different papers available for sale in a city. One photograph I saw from Iran had at least 20 different papers lined up for sale on the sidewalk. This is especially pleasing, with the darker subway and the glow from the stand. Don't discount the importance your photos will have to future scientists studying our culture.

  4. great result.

  5. Great, great picture, perfect symmetry, perfect centre of the image, perfect light. Thank you for shoting and posting it.

  6. Great train photos, I'm jealous. It was good meeting you on the train. Thanks for all the info on cameras.


  7. The dark photo with the bright center is quite effective.

  8. The art of seeing is like playing an instument. The more you practise the better you play. With photography the more you look the more you see. I once photographed one project intensley for 40 days straight every waking hour of the day. By the end of those 40 days I couldn't open my eyes without seeing a photograph. Seeing and so photography is like a finely tuned engine that works best when constantly used and tuned. Vision lays dormant within all of us. We must just use that muscle to make it strong.It is both a gift but in order to realise the potential one must work at it in order to relise that world of imagery. Travis's blog is a perfect example of what you can see if you keep looking and bing open to the magic of the moment observed with a keen eye that is constantly exercised. You don't ahve to seek the exotic to find imagery, it is infront of our nose every waking hour in something as seemingly banal as your daily commute. His pictiures are wonderful in all kinds of wonderful technical qualities but the specifics of "capture" are not what makes this blog so outstanding it is the visual journey that he has embarked upon, the process of following a visual quest that push him to look in other places and be open to moments that might not seem obvious. Each daty taeches him to keep in the moment with no expectation and each day there is a surprise that opens a new door and shows us a new direction. It is a constant process of discovery and revlaation. The further you go the deeper the imagery gets. We learn from the process if we are open to it. Layers of on infinite onion that ultimately become less and less about the subject matter and more about who we are in this world by paying attention to what we see and find curious. As much as journalism is supposed to be about the subject it really speaks more of the indivual and what they choose to see. That is what is significant... the particular voice.

  9. Stunning..... Gorgeous composition. I agree with you 100% that the moment you think you've walked away without anything good you just need to open your eyes a bit wider.

  10. One of my Express Train favorites. How would the photograph have looked with the person looking out, far behind you, to the side or maby reading a newspaper?


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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted