6 June, 2005 • Express Train
4 train ~ Bleeker Street ~ 6:15pm - Click for next Image

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4 train ~ Bleeker Street ~ 6:15pm

My first day back on the train after a week off. We went from Spring to Summer in one day it seemed. It was hot and sticky. Not to mention smelly. A number of the trains were running with their windows open. I'm never sure if this helps any. And why are the new Lexington Ave. trains always so cold? It's like winter in those cars.

There's always a place for a princess on the train though.


  1. nice composition! looks complete even with incomplete objects! nice shot.

  2. What a great slice of color and motion.

  3. Love the colours in this.

  4. This comment is more for your body of work instead of just this pic. (Although this pic is a perfect example) There is so much feeling and life in your images. Great eye for "the moment". Beautiful work.

  5. Sin pretenderlo o tal vez con intención te ha salido la bandera española. OLE !!!! Felicidades por tu trabajo desde Barcelona (España)

    Without trying it or perhaps with intention it has left you the Spanish flag. OLE! Congratulations by your work from Barcelona (Spain)

  6. was she pregnant? nothing bothers me more than people not giving up their seats for the pregnant or elderly.

    i was at the nyc photobloggers event and really enjoyed your talk. i came to this site a while ago - i live in windsor terrace and really love your prospect park shot... it was my roommate's desktop image for a very long time. we had our fingers crossed to win it, but no luck :) would it be possible to buy a print?


  7. dude, im surprised there are no pictures of the Chamber's street station on the "J" line...coolest fuckin station in all of New York...minus of course the ghost station that's after Brooklyn Bridge on the 6...which is left over from the turn of the century

    good fliz tho

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted