3 May, 2005 • Express Train
Fulton Street station ~ 9:45am - Click for next Image

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Fulton Street station ~ 9:45am

This was taken shortly before a woman walked in front of the camera stopped turned and smiled really wildly until I took her photo. I didn't look at her close when I shot it but when I was editing I noticed she was wearing a white sports jacket with one button at the bottom and no shirt on under neath. And I don't mean like slightly revealing either. Oh yeah and it's not that warm out now either... ah New York City.


  1. What a strange and spooky look at a person walled in on all sides by information. It looks like he's riding in a boat on waves of media! And I love your story about the woman. Great post today.

  2. a nice post.. the story does sound interesting :)
    and a nice picture, it looks like all the colors of a painter's pallette would've been used :)

  3. It's getting to where I can't get through the day without checking out your blog at least once. A little bit of it is the New York connection. My mother was born and raised in the Bronx; I even have a couple of Damon Runyan-type uncles who were bookies. I just think there's no place like NY. But most of it is how great your photographs are. I don't think you've posted one that wasn't outstanding. Keep up the swell work!

  4. I agree about the painter's pallette - this is like an impressionists painting of a magazine stall. Great work

  5. Great lighting. How tempting would it be to walk up to him and ask, "Uh, got any magazines?"

  6. Nicely balanced and good colour range and subject interest.

  7. I guess you're keepng the white jacket pic for a warmer day, or maybe it was one of these moments that don't photograph too well :-)

    What a selection, this guy must know lots.

  8. Brilliant Shot. Lost in a world of information.....

  9. I love your photo but i ask me: you have never troubles with the subjets of your shot?

  10. I hope we get to see the white-jacketed woman.

  11. WOW!!

  12. Your pictures are great and I like the idea.

  13. Thats a lot of magazines.

  14. Really nice.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted