17 May, 2005 • Express Train
Broadway/Lafayette station ~ 6:45pm - Click for next Image

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Broadway/Lafayette station ~ 6:45pm

It's not a perfect frame but I just love this woman and her flowers. It looks like she just came off the ice.


  1. or is going to graduation(S)!!! i like the image seen through the marker-grafittied window. the woman to the right has as many colorful bags as the flower woman.

  2. fully agree with elemveee... and the expression on the blond is also woth noting. she seems to be lost in a world of her own!

  3. Cool shot. Wonder where she's going with all those flowers.

  4. Cool shot.

  5. kinda neat
    aint it
    appreciation is like that
    your beautiful
    your kind
    what a wonderful job
    these are for you
    on your way

  6. My Fair Lady came to my mind when I saw your photo! Very nice, indeed!

  7. very cool photo - i like the composition a lot...

  8. Somthing very wistful about this shot. Really nice.

  9. So touching...I love it!

  10. I saw you today in the bakery Hanalei and am wondering if you can bake me some of those buns.


  11. this is great man...
    just love it...

  12. Sometimes when I look back through my photos I feel like I'm such a sentimentalist. It doesn't even occur to me till I look through the archives. I guess I'm always relieved to see people thinking about something else besides just getting from a to b.

  13. It would be so cool if you were able to have for representative images of the seasons in your work. I can think of some great ones you have from capturing winter. This is such a representative of spring

  14. Heidi,
    I thought the same thing. I saw My Fair Lady or a shopgirl in Europe selling flowers.
    I also love that she's standing by herself and it looks as if a small crowd is huddled to the right.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted