30 April, 2005 • Express Train
Bryant Park underpass to the 7 train ~ 9:45am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

Bryant Park underpass to the 7 train ~ 9:45am

Extra from last week. Ah those kids....


  1. nice one.. i liked the idea of not taking the complete faces in the photograph.. gives a different feel i guess.

  2. I've noticed many of your subjects are composed out of center. this gives a persistent feel of being off balance, and moving. Like being on the subway i suppose!

  3. I'm not sure how much of precise composition was working here (hip shots have their own dynamic, no?), but it's pretty cool. Very good.

  4. The colour is very vibrant and distinguish! Since the face is not shown, at least i will always think those guys are very handsome. :p

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted