31 March, 2005 • Express Train
Lexington ave exit at 42nd st ~ 9:45pm - Click for next Image

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Lexington ave exit at 42nd st ~ 9:45pm

Well I hope third time is a charm. I'm now exhibiting, for all the world to see, my problem with particularness. This is the first time I've gotten myself into trouble tryinig to stay true to publishing images from the same day. I've photographed this scene many days in the past but never felt like I got it right. The first image I posted in this sequence was sort of me just throwing my arms up and just wanting to be done torturing myself. Well as you can tell I think each day got a little better. I'm very happy with the way the last two days work together (can I delete the first one? :). And now I can work on the shot from the top of the stairs......


  1. this is great
    especially funny when compared to yesterday's image!!!
    what a wonderful sequence!!

  2. I bet these folks are relieved the escalators got fixed! Love the contrast and the underlying hint of commuter anxiety, never knowing if the ascent will be easy or hard.

  3. Looking at them one after another is very cool. I know what you mean about the first one seeming a little off, though. Today's image is really just spot on and think the reason I like it much more than the first one is that everything is either completely full or completely empty.

  4. perfectly complements yesterday's image. looking forward to the top of stairs shots.

  5. I love these stairs images. And this one is especially great with no one on the stairs today - i take it the escaluators were going the right way this time! I love your work - keep it up!!

  6. This one and the last really go great together. It might even be fun to combine the two in PS.

  7. I think you could get rid of the first of the 3 like you say. Todays and yesterdays work really well together, but the first one knocks the symmetry off.

    As simon says, it'd be nice to see them together as well on one page, for ease of comparison.

  8. ha! i know those escalators well! MTA usually remembers to change the direction of them at night but sometimes they forget (as illustrated by yesterday's post.)

  9. This photo and the last are so great! I think it's a clever sequence, in the first one all the people are walking down the stairs in the middle... And in this one it's the opposite. Fantastic, really.

  10. this series made me smile. thanks!

  11. You're right these twi shots work so well together, they're great shots and they uillustrate your unwritten commuter theme perfectly.

  12. nice

  13. Ko--yaa--nis--qatsi..............Ko--yaa--nis--qatsi..............Ko--yaa--nis--qatsi..............

  14. I fear those escalators.

  15. Just gorgeous -- the water/rust stains on the concrete contrast so well with the attempt at modernization (tile, stainless steel). Lovely...

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted