30 March, 2005 • Express Train
Lexington ave exit at 42nd st ~ 5:45pm - Click for next Image

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Lexington ave exit at 42nd st ~ 5:45pm

Does this look familiar? I've never gone home taking the 7 train across to the F. I don't know why. I guess it might be that at the end of the day I can take any more parallel movement and need to go straight downtown. Today I deceided it might be interesting to see what the escalators from yesterday's image looked like at the end of the day. And their you go, what a surprise, the complete opposite. Ironically enough everyone was forced on the stairs because the escalators where going the wrong direction.

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  1. Nice contrast to the previous picture. I've never seen the New York subway aspire to be like the Washington Metro so much before.


  2. Absolutely incredible photo.

  3. unquestionably one of my very favorite photoblogs!

  4. Nice sequel! :-)

  5. Lovely!

  6. Washington Metro? Slap some ads on the walls and this is the London Underground!

  7. Lemmings...

    Your photos are so great. I really enjoy your site.

  8. Ok I'm really annoyed! I just got in from my morning commute and I shot this scene yet again and feel like I made a much better morning image. There was some sort of problem on the 7 line so everyone was really packed together. Be prepared you might see this scene again tomorrow, or this weekend. ughh.

  9. great
    very well seen
    the little games transit employees play with us every day

  10. Genius! This is a wonderful composition Travis, I'd love to see some alternatives.

  11. Bring on more of the same, Travis. Following up yesterday's image with this one is pure brilliance. What a coincidence that the escalators are broken, giving you the absolute complete opposite shot.

    Did you simply stand in front of the stairs and snap away? Any weird looks this time?

  12. i like the past few...ALOT.
    your photos make my day

  13. Nice. Here in the Dirty South, the MARTA escalators would just be broken. Excellent composition, I like how the empty escalators are mirrored.

  14. hah. even better than the following one.

  15. ~the rat race follows a single file line~

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted