22 March, 2005 • Express Train
F train ~ 15th st Prospect Park ~ 6:50pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

F train ~ 15th st Prospect Park ~ 6:50pm

It's been a long day. A long noisy commute home. The train pulls into the station and all you want to do is get off, climb those last stairs and beat a path to your door. No such luck. The train stops, silence fills the car. You're standing at the door, head down, slightly leaning forward on your toes anticipating the opening of the door. And you wait, and wait. It's like the last insult of the day.

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  1. dude's got some dirty and dry hands

  2. Haha, I do that to the doors sometimes too. It feels like I'm peeling it open.

  3. I can totally empathize with this person. I've been tempted to try and wedge the doors open myself a few times.

  4. Just look at how dirty those glass doors are... And the colours look so urban. Very nice one.

  5. Nice shot Travis, you can feel the nervous anticipation.

  6. Amazing images on your blog. Reminds me of some of the photography in National Geographic.

  7. This is a really great shot because it makes me think of people who press elevator buttons 1,500 times thinking the elevator is going to say, "let me get down there, they're in a hurry!" There are just some things that are not in your control.

  8. It's desire and hope, a gentle delicate wish for a better place.

  9. looks like my hand :)
    Nice capture travis, this picture really tell a lot of story (as described above) I always enjoy your pictures (and learn a lot from your site). Thanks

  10. I think Philip summed up what I might have said if I'd been feeling a little more eloquent. A very nice shot.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted