24 March, 2005 • Express Train
D Train ~ After Pacific St. ~ 9:15am - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

D Train ~ After Pacific St. ~ 9:15am

For two dollars a subway ride is definitely still the best theater in the city, or anywhere for that matter. A thousand one act plays begin and end every minute. All you have to do is take the time to stop and really look. I only saw one scene when I composed this image. How many do you see?

I've been nominated for an award in "Street Photography" and also "New Photoblog" of the year. You can vote for my project at http://www.photobloggies.org. If you do stop by please be sure and check the other great photography that is up for recognition. Voting ends on the 28th.


  1. You've been voted for. And, once again, another fabulous image.

  2. don't knwo why, but reminded me of Spanish Train from Chris De Burgh...
    check the songs lyrics :)

  3. great capture and yea, there's so many things going on in this scene from the 2 people in front, right back to the end of the carriage. i like how the bars divide the image and scenes.

  4. This shot contains whole our life. Amazing.

  5. babylon train :)

    i like the chinese lovers on the left side

  6. The best crowded subway car shot ever! I especially love all the individual stories within the larger clutter.

  7. Fantastic image - as always.... I love NYC's subway -- but London's Tube is quite the interesting ride, too .... Great stuff...

  8. This is a great pix.
    -How many faces can you count?
    -How many coats can you count?

    Interesting how at the rear of the coach, the images are blury. Its either movement or focus field.

  9. New York, New York.

  10. wow, there is so much happening in this picture! great, a pleasure to view!
    greetings, martin

  11. You've got my vote.
    Another excellent photo Travis - it's so busy and there's so much going on. So much life and so many stories...

  12. Hey Travis- my first comment on your train shots...this one spoke to me...gave me a feeling of what its like to ride the tube in NYC. Keep up the good work. T

  13. One of the best shots I have come across in several weeks! What a great way to look at life around you.

  14. In addition to the great play that is going on in the picture I find your pictures really bright and colours come thruw very nice. It might be the metro light that plays a part, but you probably know how to finetune in PS as well. Thanks it's always nice to look at some of your pics at breakfast;)

  15. I love the depth on this one - there are a million things going on. I really like how it brings through the feel of living in a major city like NY.

  16. I agree with everyone here. This is a GREAT shot. I particularly like that it doesn't leave me with the feeling that you are about to have you camera grabbed, your head bashed in with it and strangled with your camera's neck strap. This is a nice change for you. It's gotta be spring. :)

  17. the woman sleeping (down-right), the young couple (up-left), the two males reading the newspapers (down-center/left).. ohh, look, is an iPod :D hehe..
    nice shoot!

  18. Is the gent on the right in the red perhaps taking a photo for his photoblog as well?

  19. Great image. I love the feeling of depth. This photo makes you feel you're on the train. Well seen.

  20. Who's the brooklyn blonde snoozin in the front? She's smokin!

  21. Amazingly complicated and interesting photo. Each element on it's own would be a good photo, the blonde sleeping, the oriental guy behind her, and behind him the man holding something...a camera? An I-pod? The young lovers on the left, the pretty woman sitting next to the older oriental lady, and two people back to back reading the newspaper. SO MANY people crammed into one space. You seem to be very good at sneaking a shot....I'm never that lucky. Everybody freaks out when they see the camera. Excellent, excellent blog.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted