13 March, 2005 • Express Train
D train ~ 9th st ~ 6:35 pm - Click for next Image

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D train ~ 9th st ~ 6:35 pm

Extra from last week.


  1. Ah, yes, morning grooming on the subway. I always find it a little embarrassing to see women applying their make-up on the train. Somehow, I think of that as a more private ritual...

  2. I love that - seems amazing that such a dramatic shot was just grabbed out of nowhere in the chaos and randomness of commuter travel. The fact that the lady's face is completely in shadow, and her hands are shown in the light is brilliant.

  3. So intimate ... thanks for the reminder intamacy is not only about sexuality... beautiful photos.

  4. Augh, my hugest pet peeve is people preening themselves in public places. The sound of nail clippers is enough to make me scream...why don't folk realize that it's just plain gross to leave their nail clippings behind. In Judiasm it is believed that you will have to return after death and gather all your nail clippings that weren't properly discarded.

  5. You have some really great photos on this site!

    This one shot really gets to me.
    It always really squicks me out when people clip their nails on the train but this chick's gone beyond the clippers... amazing.

    Again, really great stuff.

  6. Ok I've tourted enough of you, I know it's really hard to tell but this young woman is actually trimming loose threads off her sleeve. Her nails are curled up pulling her sleeve tight. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. hmm...that changes the feeling of this shot a bit (not much tho- it's still grooming). Just another reminder of how knowing too much about the details can "ruin the magic" sometimes. It's fun to imagine what the subjects are thinking about, but if we actually KNEW what they were thinking (remember to pick up milk...damn, i need a shower.....oh, and orange juice) it would take away the intrigue.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted