15 March, 2005 • Express Train
6 Train ~ Union Square ~ 6:15pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

6 Train ~ Union Square ~ 6:15pm

Spring in 5 days and counting...


  1. A classic New York nut! Who in their right mind would wear a pair of flip-flops on the train during rush hour???? She'll be lucky to get off that train with a single toe left!!

    btw -
    Q: what does someone with two left feet wear?
    A: Flip-flips.

  2. Maybe one of these I-wear-flip-flops-the-whole-year guys? Nice shot! Recently I've seen one of them on the street in combination with a bathrobe and two dogs.

  3. Nice angle of shot.

    Btw, I like how you people wait for spring. In India, its warm almost all through out the year.

  4. HA, it's not that she/he is wearing flip-flops on the train, but rather the fact it's freezing out there! Even Ronald McDonald is laughing at her/him!

  5. The seeing eye of Ronald. Hope no one was wearing a skirt. At least he seems to be enjoying himself.

    The best thing about reading the comments is what people see and react to first. And in your photos there are so many focus elements. I wonder if some eyes are drawn left vs. center, etc. I didn't even notice the flip-flops until reading the comments. I noticed our friend Ronald and the woman's head reclined on the striped pants.

  6. I wrote this code yesterday to set the daily image from www.travisruse.com as my desktop background.
    Put this code in a file, name it something like "getBackground.vbs" and set it to run as a scheduled task. I'm using XP -- can't guarantee it'll work for other platforms
    (Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Schedule Tasks)

    '''''''''''''''''' begin vbs file ''''''''''''''''''''''''''
    'Set Http = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
    Set Http = CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
    Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WshShell.Exec("REG ADD ""HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop"" /v wallpaperFile /t REG_SZ /d /f")
    Http.Open "GET", "http://www.travisruse.com"
    GetURL = Http.ResponseText
    Set regexp = New RegExp
    regexp.Pattern = "<img class=""bodypic"" src=""([^""]*)"
    set matches = regexp.execute(GetUrl)
    image = matches(0).submatches(0)
    Http.Open "GET", image
    set oStream = createobject("adodb.stream")
    Const adTypeBinary = 1
    Const adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2
    oStream.type = 1
    oStream.write Http.responseBody
    oStream.savetofile wallpaperFile, 2
    WshShell.Exec("%windir%\System32\RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters")
    '''''''''''''''''''''''end file'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  7. seems like a good idea - the vbs thing, except when I pasted it into notepad and saved it, McAfee said it was a virus and deleted it!

    Nice photo as well...

  8. Hope she/he doesnt step on an pop top, or they lmight blow out thier flip-flop... When your shoes wear out, your back on your souls again.

  9. Ronald is the first thing I saw in this photo. He gets everywhere!

  10. Love this, one of your best, it's just got everything coming together for it despite the lack of faces it's very much a people shot!

  11. In away you remind me of Martin Parr. I like this one so much, full of humor but with a bitter taste about our modern society. Great shot as are the others. A book with your shot's would be great btw.

  12. I had to look twice to see what it was
    a friend of mine used to walk around in shorts one whole year - 365 days, claiming that cold is in the mind only
    in California admittedly, but still, he had to endure a few days below freezing

    nice catcg, well done

  13. The craziest thing about this photo was originally I didn't even see the flip flops. I pointed the camera down for the young boy with his head on his mom's lap and the Ronald cup. It wasn't till I looked through the view finder did I see her toes. She's a little crazy, you can see that up top she was fully in winter mode. In reference to making a book, I'm so much happier taking photos every day and posting them here and getting immediate viewers and feedback. What could be better than that? Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted