26 March, 2005 • Express Train
4 Train ~ Union Station ~ 6:30pm - Click for next Image

Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted

4 Train ~ Union Station ~ 6:30pm

I've been nominated for an award in "Street Photography" and also "New Photoblog" of the year. You can vote for my project at http://www.photobloggies.org. If you do stop by please be sure and check the other great photography that is up for recognition. Voting ends on the 28th.


  1. Travis, this is a fabulous collection of work and all the more engaging because while it follows a common theme the images are each unique and wonderful. I also find this work poignant because you can't publish it. I can't believe you've got releases from all these people, maybe you have. I also found my self worrying for your safety, sticking your camera where it might not be welcome. I wish you great success and I will vote for you.

  2. I am amazed at your work every day. Fantastic job. This is just another eye catching example.

  3. can anyone figure out what this person has scribbled on the sheet? it's clearly a whole bunch on numbers, but can anyone figure out the significance? Random...

    enjoy the photos... keep it up!

  4. It's art... or... no, no, no, it's... the Matrix!

  5. bloody hell ... what is that chicken scratch?

  6. Awesome- I love photos that give a glimpse into the complexities of people-
    What is your take on the whole street photograpy/model release thing?

  7. I voted for you because your photos are so beautifully natural- they capture the simple complexities of human nature. I love this one especially; would love to know what this person was scribbling about- is it his bills or a secret code? A system to beat the casinos or maths homework? Ruse I hope you win.

  8. Thanks very much for the many votes and expressions of support for this project. The more I shoot everday the more complex I realize my commute is. The people, the scenes, the details. I hope to shoot everyday for one year but some days I could see working on this for years and still I would not have captured all the stories. Which is why photographing in the subway will always seem fresh. New photographers, new travelers, new stories, new everything. Thanks again!

  9. Would you mind writing some about how you approach people to take their photos on the subway?

  10. Great shot!!! I like the colors a lot!

  11. did he won? :)

  12. Great shot Travis, I'm thinking this guy is writing the plot outlines for the latest episode of "Lost".

    There are many ways you can use all of these images without releases, even sell them, it's a complex area and if anyone really wants to read up on it check this link out, http://www.danheller.com/model-release.html

  13. hint: he needs TWO colors of pen.

  14. ~I have never been a betting man, played the numbers and such...VERY good shot here, documentary-style photography well expressed and presented~

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted