28 February, 2005 • Express Train
F Train ~ Smith & 9th st. ~ 6:10pm - Click for next Image

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F Train ~ Smith & 9th st. ~ 6:10pm

Smith & 9th Street is the highest point in the subway system. It's 88 ft from the street level. I don't mind saying this scene was a total surprise. I thought I would get off my train and try and make a snow image before the next train came by. Well I forgot that this was one really windy storm. I stepped off the train and was immediately blinded by 40mph gusts of driving snow. I tried to cover my face from the wind, my hat about blew off and my camera was focused at 12 inches. I saw this man, didn't have a chance to look at the meter, I just got the focus figured out, got off a frame and the door closed. Then I was really sad I had to wait between trains..


  1. The orange lights make the photo seem 'warmer' than I'm sure it was when you were waiting for the next train to come. It actually looks quite peaceful and serene...I like the fresh snow on the platform without any footprints on it yet.

  2. Creepy. Cool. Great story. I like your descriptions for each photo. Really sets up the mood and scene. Nice work. I come back often.

  3. Don't you EVER stop? This is so awesome. So beautiful. So perfect. :)

  4. Kismet. Great expression. Great composition. Even better knowing it was a bit of an accident.

  5. Wonderful details in the snow and amazing expression on his eyes (as always you caught the exact right moment...)...

  6. I see that snow is everywhere those days...
    your story is great, as always !
    your blog is really really good : keep on !

  7. Very good quality photographs. I love street photography and your work makes me remember Bruce DavidsonĀ“s Subway. Fantastic !. Keep Shoting.

  8. Nice to see New York is getting snow too. I love this shot also - the guy looks really forbidding, and almost as if he's in a black and white shot - but the golden light around him makes it look even more surreal

    Yet another brilliant photo

  9. I just found your site and went through much of your archive. I Love your photos, but I must know...what kind of camera are you using?

  10. i think this is the best shot i have seen on this blog so far, and that's saying something. you are great.

  11. first time visitor. nice photo. i can tell at the lamps that the storm is more brutal then the rest of the pic lets on. great work!

  12. nice scenery and lighting, the expression on the face of that person and the half closing doors... just great ! snapping at the right time in such a short term... I've still a lot to learn :-)

  13. The 666 on the train car gives this fantastic photo a sinister edge.

  14. After my last post I came back to have another look at the photograph and noticed the evil 666 just above the spooky looking passengers head. I'm going to have nightmares about this guy.

  15. It's me again, I came back again for a closer inspection of the incredible photograph. Looks like the flames of hell reflected in the side of the car, Wicked.

  16. I'm so glad everyone found this such a compelling image! One thing that strikes me after looking at the image again are the contradictions. It's bitter cold outside and nice cozy (can you say that about the subway?) in the train. Yet the colors tell another story. Also the look in the young man's face is very typical of a subway rider. You get on car and usually just try and disconect your self from your surroundings. I bet if I went up to him he would just like your average young adult. He was probably wondering what that crazy guy was doing on the platform. Thanks for all the comments and repeat visits, that means a lot. I'm using a Canon D20.

  17. I really love all the contrasts in this shot, and the contradictions as you mentioned make this shot quite unique. Well done!

  18. Trav, this is a great one. I get chills as everything came together for one split second in the snow.

  19. Travis, this is a wonderful image. Well worth having you stand in the snow for us :)

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