25 February, 2005 • Express Train
4 Train ~ 23rd st  ~ 5:45pm - Click for next Image

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4 Train ~ 23rd st ~ 5:45pm

One moment, one frame. I knew I wanted this photo but I could just tell he wasn't going to put up with much. I sort of saw the guy in the back ground but honestly I didn't see all the nice details in this scene till later. I just whipped up the camera fired off the frame and hoped for the best. This really does capture this guys energy. He was beat after a long day. I know this is not his best moment but I don't feel bad about him like this. He's very symbolic of how we all feel at the end of that long day. We start the day feeling all confident, worthy of a fancy yellow tie even. And then we end the day wiped out.


  1. He looks so pissed off. Wonderful!

  2. At first I thought you made him make that face. But from your comment the photograph turns out to be serious.

    Thanks for the comment on my site, I am atleast very used to travelling that way. It is fun feeling the wind on your face.

  3. This is an utterly perfect Friday afternoon rush hour snap. Truly outstanding. I may have been compelled to crop a bit from the right, but otherwise I cannot think of a thing I would do otherwise. Both foreground and background are terrific.

  4. Hahaha! This picture makes me laugh! Love the guy's expression! Great shot!

  5. Travis, you're truly a wizard. This is a heck of a moment you've captured here - everyone can sympathize with this guy.

  6. It's amazing that you even got a shot. It it was me I wouldn't have had the guts to point the camera at him in the first place. He looks like at guy who needs his space where there is none. I think I would have left him alonw. How do you get away with it?

  7. The picture is funny but has the right element to it. Very true , this is how we all feel after a long day .

  8. Fucking brilliant!!!! Sorry to swear, but this is amazing!!!!!!

    His hand on the bar almost looks like a clinched fist coming towards you ;0) and his expression is pricesless. Not to mention the great technical pros of this too.

    You are a genius!!!!!!!

  9. Very nice shot. I hope he didn't kill you after you took it, he certainly doesn't look too happy. The guy with the i-pod in the back adds to the "frustration feeling" of it. Anyways, the Picture is very nicely done, great theme, good balance and colours. Congrats, what a wonderful idea to limit your site to the subway...

  10. this is brilliant! the smiley happy face in the add on the top-left are such a contrast.

  11. he does look pissed, but i see a hint of flattery. i think he was in a bad mood, but wanted to be more pissed than he actually was. this is a great shot... awesome expression.

    how do you take these shots? i lived in NYC for a few years and never would've been able to take most of these photos. do you talk to your subjects?

  12. youve captured the perfect urban-life-commute shot. his expression says a million words about how we sometimes all feel trapped and in a rut... brilliant work!!! and it was worth the fear that he might punch you after you took this shot! ;-)

  13. Ok - I think I've now finally stopped laughing long enough to comment....

    This is a truly fantastic shot. I think one of your best. The image says it all - and it says a whole bunch.

  14. I think I'd have to agree with BigA, this is definitely one of your best.

  15. I hope you gave him your card: I hope he's enjoying it too!

  16. Seems he is in some sort of trance.... I know the feeling; you don't want to be there but have to so you sink in a sort of hypnoses. Super shot!

  17. I don't know what to say...everyone's already said what I was thinking.

  18. I've started days like that.

  19. it can't be the beggining of the day, he looks so bored or pissed off - i'm not sure.
    great pic !

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