30 January, 2005 • Express Train
A Train ~ Jay Street ~ am - Click for next Image

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A Train ~ Jay Street ~ am

This is an image that was made a few weeks back. Since I don't commute on the weekends I'm going to post some images that didn't get shown the day they were shot. In this case one of the reasons I'm posting this image now is that I thought it would be a nice one to show for this weeks Photo Friday contest (www.photofriday.com). "Youth" is the subject. I thought this image captured nicely what that experience might be like living and getting around in a big city.


  1. and it's a great capture, you're right, the expression on his face says a lot about his experience on public transport!

  2. All of your pictures are great.....nice job...you capture the subway experience.

  3. Travis, great take on "Youth" for this week. Have you shot recently on the subway? Have they hassled you more these days?

  4. this shot is just bursting with emotion.
    it REALLY makes me want to see what he's looking at.
    this rocks!

  5. Just found your site. Really impressed. Thanks for sharing.

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Photography © Travis Rusephotoblogs.orglisted